VDI Profiler


VDI Profiler defines user workspace solving the typical profile issues of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in a new, different, impeccable way.

It is incredibly light, as it uses standard commands and it does not alter Windows logon processes inserting executables. When you see fast logon times on a VDI farm, is because VDI Profiler is running it.

Common tech issues like user workspace behaviour, roaming profiles corruption, long logon time, user by user configuration: all of this can be easily solved by a software that re-defines the user workspace every time that the user logs on.

It’s much simpler than spending long hours hacking Roaming Profiles and GPO polices.

It’s VDI Profiler. It’s Impeccable.

What issues has VDI Profiler solved?

No more headaches with Roaming Profiles

Roaming Profiles are the biggest issue in VDI tech. 
Misunderstanding and improvisation on Roaming Profiles configuration creates instability, unreliability, low performances and frequent profile corruption.

Bad profile management leads to unpredictable behaviour and bad user experience. Unfortunately, a profile management software not always solves this problem, sometimes it just adds more issues and complexity. A robust, consistent Roaming Profile configuration makes a successful VDI. 

VDI Profiler configure the the user the moment it logs on without migrating bulky data from the file server.

Avoiding irritating long LogOn times 

When Roaming Profiles aren’t correctly configured they become heavy resulting in very long logon times.

LogOn time should always be less than 30 seconds on modern hardwares. Often you can find VDI farm with users that take up to 1-2 minutes to get complete access to each session. 

VDI solves this problem by drastically reducing log on times and executing extremely light.

Unpredictable VDI session behaviour

There is an expectation on VDI tech to have good reliability.

At times these expectations are not met and users configuration becomes unpredictable.

For example, users expect that the default network printer remains the same as set the evening before, or that Microsoft Office would keep its settings, or drive mapping, application auto-launching, regional settings: there is a underlining weakness in Windows Roaming Profiles that lead to loss of these data/settings. 

VDI Profiler manages them and makes stable, rock solid, predictable user workspace behaviour, with no surprises.

Time-wasting user configuration

Hundreds of physical VDIs are a nightmare to individually configure and the costs are extensive. Plus, help-desk costs increase greatly in case a user accidentally changes his settings. Through VDI Profiler, user settings are refreshed every time a user logs on reducing support costs. 

Majority of the issues created by users is easily fixed by logging out and back in.

VDI Profiler is a centralised user settings management that dramatically reduces user workspace configuration costs, thus leveraging the Return On Investment of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

How to become VDI Impeccable

Our recommendations in order to succeed in VDI deployment


Don’t let your user configuration become unpredictable, make it stable with VDI Profiler.


Turn log on process times from minutes to seconds putting in order your Roaming Profiles with  VDI Profiler


Avoid the corruption of roaming profiles by implementing the FSLogix smart cache profile technology, now free of charge


Central management of user workspace: VDI Profiler is the solution

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You need one license per VDI Farm
VDI Profiler is annually licensed for a single VDI farm,  for unlimited users